Billet Doux (le_amourr) wrote,
Billet Doux

Moved :

January to January; I've been at this space for a good 6 years. Amidst all the half-hearted moves over the years - what with setting up Tumblr in 09 and the private tumblelog in 12, I need a fresh new start. Exporting all the entries from here and the tumblelog was a pretty bittersweet process. Had the chance to read back on some of the archived entries and I still feel a dull ache recounting the heartbreaks and emotionally turbulent phases. Can't believe how broken and insecure I was back then, well, not that I'm a lot more secure now but in terms of what I want, and knowing what is better for me now, I daresay I've grown quite a bit. Despite the more mundane less social-heavy calendar, I much rather prefer 2013 me then back then. Whatever the case, I'm still on the pursuit of happiness. Whenever it is I think of the future, my concern is no longer on just getting a job - though of course it is still in my list of priorities. But higher up on the list I've got happiness on the agenda, because that is when I'm most fulfilled - and when I'm truly passionate at something, that's when I know I'm able to reach my full potential. So, hard as it may be, it's time to clean up my life, get some perspective. Starting with the healthy detox, major room overhauls, finishing the degrees, starting up the new enterprise and whatnots. Goodbye livejournal, it's been a good run and.. I'll miss you. x
Tags: public, tumblr, wordpress, xpost
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