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#001 Day 1 - If not now, when?

2013's the year of big things! And yes, I got up at 6 to prep for a good run + workout. It's been long since I ran and as much as round is a shape (hoho) it's no excuse to stay this way. Well, I did get a little fixated with the details, i.e. downloading the Nike workouts, uploading the correct playlists, looking for my armband....... ended up doing the sweat and shape workout instead of the stretching one and died 22 minutes in. Could barely walk without my legs wobbling much less run, so I wasn't kidding when I'd said I'm in terrible shape. Made a kickass breakfast (breakfast ham and egg sandwich on garlic parmesan toast!) and did the laundry for mum - thought it'd be a welcome change to wake-up to one less chore for the day.

School starts this week as well, and at this age, even if I don't have the drive for it right now, a little voice inside my head's pushing on day by day telling me if not now, when? for everything I've put off. So much to get back to, so much to get done. And I've been told my sketches are actually not bad (cough, need to be modest) so I wanna get the art thing going again - painting on canvases and all, then I've got the room revamp... don't know if I'll ever find time for french and dance right now but I definitely need income for the trips this year, and the project in February.

I feel like I haven't closed off from 2012. Maybe closure will come in the form of an entry, or some sort of cleansing detox this month. Sigh, still need to make a trip down to IKEA to check out my bed and all. On a brighter note, everything seems a lot more optimistic in the morning. 11am and I'm up evaluating my lists for the day. This is quite an achievement :>
Tags: fightforfit, nike, school, update
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