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Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts. — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Billet Doux

[sticky post] In Other News [Mar. 20th, 2012|04:53 am]
Billet Doux
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Idealist, very much a sagittarius, agnostic theist, left-wing, potterhead-mockingjay-lotr fan
Big on all sorts of music (cept for metal), dance, both visual and performing arts, and interior design
Fighting a quarter-life crisis to truly define who I am, without being molded into society's norms of 8-5 jobs amidst a PR and Media degree.
Believes in social activism and an individual's power to change the world (+ pay it forward) Rejects anything too corporate or bureaucratic.
Would be most fulfilled learning new cultures and languages, travelling, painting and conceptualising ideas
Or in planning and running events, teaching and giving back through leadership camps and events; finding one's true potential
Counts Rich Dad Poor Dad, all Grisham novels, Sheldon's Master of the Game and The Unbearable Lightness of Being as some of her favourite reads
Finds writing cathartic, but also uses this space as a repository for good / inspirational articles I come across
Can be most often found fervently reading ePubs, feeds, playing with her malamute pup or drawing grand plans for the future 
Also v big on tech. Can be found on these platforms :

 Ling Yu | Create Your Badge
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Moved : http://paradisecirkus.wordpress.com/ [Jan. 30th, 2013|04:54 pm]
Billet Doux
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January to January; I've been at this space for a good 6 years. Amidst all the half-hearted moves over the years - what with setting up Tumblr in 09 and the private tumblelog in 12, I need a fresh new start. Exporting all the entries from here and the tumblelog was a pretty bittersweet process. Had the chance to read back on some of the archived entries and I still feel a dull ache recounting the heartbreaks and emotionally turbulent phases. Can't believe how broken and insecure I was back then, well, not that I'm a lot more secure now but in terms of what I want, and knowing what is better for me now, I daresay I've grown quite a bit. Despite the more mundane less social-heavy calendar, I much rather prefer 2013 me then back then. Whatever the case, I'm still on the pursuit of happiness. Whenever it is I think of the future, my concern is no longer on just getting a job - though of course it is still in my list of priorities. But higher up on the list I've got happiness on the agenda, because that is when I'm most fulfilled - and when I'm truly passionate at something, that's when I know I'm able to reach my full potential. So, hard as it may be, it's time to clean up my life, get some perspective. Starting with the healthy detox, major room overhauls, finishing the degrees, starting up the new enterprise and whatnots. Goodbye livejournal, it's been a good run and.. I'll miss you. x
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#002 Day 2 - Crazy appetites = higher metabolism? [Jan. 9th, 2013|11:43 am]
Billet Doux
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Healthy eating started from yesterday. Despite having had a pack of chips the night before, I'd wanted to curb the urges, not cut them out of my diet completely
Breakfast : Apple (before the workout), Monster ham, egg, lettuce sandwich on garlic parmesan toast, Cranberry crunch cereal with milk
Considering that was all I had for the subsequent 16 hour nap (lol), I woke up starved (530)and wolfed down the meesua mum left for my dinner the previous night. An few hours later it was garlic parmesan toast drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, sweet potato and a side of salad and cherry tomatoes with italian dressing. Superb breakfast, but that was at 830. 1130 and I'm having my 3rd breakfast - cranberry crunch cereal once again. I guess this means my metabolism is increasing because these aren't cravings, my stomach's actually growling every 2-3 hours. Don't know how this'd work out but I can't wait for the evening run now!
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#001 Day 1 - If not now, when? [Jan. 8th, 2013|11:21 am]
Billet Doux
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[Current Music |Morning's here - Friends (Joey's neighbour)]

2013's the year of big things! And yes, I got up at 6 to prep for a good run + workout. It's been long since I ran and as much as round is a shape (hoho) it's no excuse to stay this way. Well, I did get a little fixated with the details, i.e. downloading the Nike workouts, uploading the correct playlists, looking for my armband....... ended up doing the sweat and shape workout instead of the stretching one and died 22 minutes in. Could barely walk without my legs wobbling much less run, so I wasn't kidding when I'd said I'm in terrible shape. Made a kickass breakfast (breakfast ham and egg sandwich on garlic parmesan toast!) and did the laundry for mum - thought it'd be a welcome change to wake-up to one less chore for the day.

School starts this week as well, and at this age, even if I don't have the drive for it right now, a little voice inside my head's pushing on day by day telling me if not now, when? for everything I've put off. So much to get back to, so much to get done. And I've been told my sketches are actually not bad (cough, need to be modest) so I wanna get the art thing going again - painting on canvases and all, then I've got the room revamp... don't know if I'll ever find time for french and dance right now but I definitely need income for the trips this year, and the project in February.

I feel like I haven't closed off from 2012. Maybe closure will come in the form of an entry, or some sort of cleansing detox this month. Sigh, still need to make a trip down to IKEA to check out my bed and all. On a brighter note, everything seems a lot more optimistic in the morning. 11am and I'm up evaluating my lists for the day. This is quite an achievement :>
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How to stop overthinking [Jan. 3rd, 2013|07:58 am]
Billet Doux
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[Current Music |Cause = Time - Broken Social Scene]

How to Stop Overthinking

1. Live in the moment

Mindfulness is the basis for Buddhism (1), Taoism (2) and several Native American traditions. The sense of being overwhelmed arises when we are focusing on the past or what needs to be done in the future. Take your attention to the task at hand and bask in the glory of this present moment that will never return again in this exact disguise. You will find that your mind has an amazing ability to stay calm and content when you are able to stay focused in the moment.

2. Write your thoughts on paper

It can be a relief to empty out your head of all the duties that bog it down Journaling as been one of my most mind-freeing ways of letting go. There’s a line from Anna Nalick’s son Just Breathe hat always reminds me of the freedom that a pen and paper offer to the mind:

2 AM and I’m still awake, writing a son
If I get it all down on paper, it’s no longer inside of me
Threatening the life it belongs to

3. Take a Walk

Sometimes, we can physically feel the fuzziness infiltrating our mind. We become overwhelmed and suddenly can’t get anything done. This is your mind warning you that it’s time for a break. Get out in the fresh air and get some physical stimulation by taking a walk, going for a bike ride or a quick swim to wash away all your thoughts. You’ll notice it gives you a new zesty inspiration to jump back into life.

4. Meditate

B meditating or quieting the mind, the brain is allowed to open up to “aha” moments. It’s called cognitive disinhibition (3) and it’s present more often in creative types and it helps you access the well of unused data stored that gets shut out when one needs to efficiently get to the grocery store and run home to make dinner for the family. By allowing the mind to rest and relax, you can better allow all the wisdom sitting on the back burners to rise.

5. Sleep

Researchers from the Department of Neurological Sciences, University of Bologna in Italy reported that deep wave sleep is required for individuals to retain information (4). When dreaming, the mind replays the activities and situations and places important information into the long-term memory. It sheds the information that has no significance allowing our brains more room for new information.

If you do yoga, at the end of class you perfor Shavasana translated from Sanskrit to English as “corpse pose”). You lie quietly on your mat for several minutes in order to relax into the body so that you can feel the benefits of the class.

Some yoga teachers say it’s the hardest pose for westerners to do. We’re trained to believe that we must be productive and active from the moment we wake. But one of the most productive things you can do for your mind is to quiet down and relax.

Source : Workawesome

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